Sterling is Celebrating 30 Years in business!

Customizable comfort. Renewable, by design.


Celebrating 30 years in Business!!


Customize your comfort. Both of you.

Unzip the mattress top and you’re on your way to easily changing your comfort level.  For many of our mattresses, we  offer customizable comfort for each sleeper.  


The Ojai Memory Foam Mattress



The Silver Lining 5504/7504 Latex Mattress




Pillow-tops, plush-tops, and more.  Zip it on, and prepare for zzz's.

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  • Rest assured.

    If you're not fully satisfied with the comfort of your delivered mattress, we'll do what we can to replace the comfort layers and make it a great comfort experience.  Sweet dreams! 

  • Free Shipping.

    Free shipping in the continental US (excluding AK) on new mattresses.  What are you waiting for?  Shop for a mattress.

  • Direct to You Savings.

    Without the mattress store in the middle, you save by purchasing a Sterling mattress direct from the factory. Save up to 54% (based on the average retail cost of a queen sized mattress). 


From washable stretch covers to mattresses that can be completely cleaned internally, we've made hygiene a core design principle.

When it’s built to last, it must be cleanable.


Since 1987, we’ve prided ourselves in creating mattresses that are unbeatable in their craftsmanship, value, durability and luxuriousness. We’re thankful to be able to provide you with an unbeatable sleep experience.

And when we’re not making mattresses, we’re busy building things for the medical, military and aerospace industries.