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SUMMER IS HERE!!! Beat the heat with a temperature adjustable waterbed or a new cooling pillowtop!
SUMMER IS HERE!!! Beat the heat with a temperature adjustable waterbed or a new cooling pillowtop!


Personalized Luxurious Sleep from Sterling Sleep with Sleep Your Way Technology ONLY From Sterling Sleep


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HydroMattress- Dual Waterbed Mattress - Sterling Sleep Systems

Tired of Foam Beds?

Sterling Sleep Systems has been in business for over 35 years. Come see why we are different
Explore a new twist on old Technology
Award Winning Design

IIDA Award of Excellence for best Freestanding furniture, and Renewable Design

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Have aches and pains? Experience Sterlng Sleep's Durable, Luxurious, and Sleep Your Way Enhanced Waterbeds!

Sterling Sleep Systems Mattresses feature Sleep Your Way Technology to help you experience the ultimate sleep solution for restful and reduced pain-free sleep. Our waterbeds are exceptionally crafted to provide unbeatable backache relief, unparalleled support, and outstanding motion isolation.

Our state-of-the-art mattresses are proudly made in the USA
with our patented designs created with the quality and excellence you have expected from Sterling Sleep since 1987.

With our innovative design, Sterling Sleep Waterbeds conform to the
shape of your body
, delivering consistent and uniform support that
help you experience a refreshing and rejuvenating sleep.

Don't wait any longer to start enjoying the comfort and benefits of Sterling Sleep Waterbeds. Shop ad Buy securely online today and experience what tens of thousands of customers have experienced for over 35 years

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Experience a better night's sleep with Sterling Sleep's Sleep Your Way Technology in one of our eco-friendly, luxurious mattresses. Sterling Sleep mattresses are expertly designed with comfort and support in mind, providing you with the best sleeping experience you've ever had with Sterling Sleep's Sleep Your Way Technology.

Sterling Sleep mattresses are manufactured here in the US-based in our Southern California-based manufacturing facility with high-quality materials providing exceptional durability, eco-friendly interchangeable mattress toppers from stretch, plush, natural, and copper Sterling Sleep "zip-on" mattress toppers, and much more!

Our mattresses come in a range of sizes and styles to fit your distinct sleep needs. With Sterling Sleep Mattresses, including our HydroMattress™, you can arrange the sleep layers for personalized sleep, and with the optional single and dual heaters, you can set your comfort temperature for your side bed. In addition, our Sterling Sleep HydroMattress™ and waveless waterbeds provide advanced pressure-relieving technology that cradles your body to help relieve pressure points and ensure maximum comfort throughout the night.

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to Sterling Sleep's Sleep Your Way Technology for more restful sleep with our mattresses! Make the smart sleep investment with a Sterling Sleep mattress today and experience the difference! Order yours today and start enjoying the ultimate sleeping experience.

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