Flotation – Hardside & Softside Waterbeds

Keep your waterbed bladder in top condition!

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Our Endura III Waterbed PVC is the key ingredient for a durable, long lasting, quality waterbed.

When manufacturing waterbeds, material quality governs product excellence. No matter how skilled the fabricator, a waterbed can be no better than the material it is made from. Endura III is formulated with the finest resins and plasticizers available for the application. We engineered Endura III to be the best piece of material possible, specially formulated to resist cold cracks.

  • Eco-sensible design.

    Replace the mattress top or comfort layers on our softside waterbeds to extend the life of your waterbed.  Simply unzip and replace.  Save money while renewing the life of your mattress, without the need to drain the waterbed bladder!

  • Built for health & hygiene.

    Waterbeds are known for providing improved blood flow during sleep, creating a less restless night.  We make our mattresses cleanable inside and out, so you can rest assured. 

  • Customizable comfort.

    We've been making waterbeds for 30 years, and are known for our comfort. We provide ways to customize the comfort of our softside waterbeds, even for each sleeper.

  • Quilted covers.

    Whether a softside or hardside waterbed, our quilted covers reduce the wavelike motion and add a layer of plush comfort. 

  • Single or Dual Bladders, with heaters.

    We provide a luxurious, personalized comfort experience with all that a waterbed has to offer. 

  • Everything you need.

    Fill and drain kits, safety liners, repair kits are all available.  If we don't have it, we can point you in the right direction!

Your Guide to the Great Flexibility of your Mattress

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