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FAQs Answered

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

As with a lot of waterbed questions, it is subjective. One thing we know, is that doesn’t compress like air or springs. What this means is, as you move on the bed, the water that is displaced by your body is forced into other parts of the bed, which results in better overall body support. You are less likely to have pressure points that are caused by springs, and you don’t need pumps, hoses or a smart phone to control your bed, like an air bed. It is a level of comfort that you can't get with any other type of bed.

The short answer is “NO”. despite the rumors around the internet, you should only need to add 1 8oz bottle of water conditioner every year (2 if you have a dual softside waterbed)… that is really it. There are a few exceptions to the rule that rarely pop up. If you think you fall under the exception category for some reason, give us a call and we can discuss it.

We contract with a local delivery service. They will bring the order to your home, and at their discretion can bring it into your home. Setup and haul away is usually extra, and can be negotiated with the driver if they are willing and able. We do not include setup and haul away as part of our normal service.

This is a “depends” question. What we mean is: it depends on the type of leak. If the leak is from a knife, pet, crease or something other than a leaking seam, you need a PVC or Vinyl Patch kit. We offer them here There are a few ideas on how to properly patch a waterbed, but our favorite is to completely drain the bed. Follow the instructions on the patch kit to apply the patch. Yes, it is possible for the glue to set within x number of min or hours, however, we recommend letting it dry for a full 24 hours before you refill it. Some patch kits may say to patch while the bed is still full of water. We advise against this, as the leak can dilute the glue, and weaken the patch. We also HIGHLY recommend using a clamp of some sort to hold the patch in place while it dries. IF on the other hand, the leak appears on a seam, or around the valve. Give us a call at 888-281-2817. The success rate for patching this type of leak is incredibly low. The warranty does cover this type of leak provided you are within the 3-5 year time frame of the full warranty period, depending on the model of the mattress you own.

While we have been in business for over 30 years, and know pretty much every manufacture, it is not possible for us to know all of the details of their products. And because every person has a different need, it is not possible for us to KNOW with any level of certainty what bed will work best for you. What we will do is listen to your needs, and make a suggestion based on our experience with the product. That is all it is, A suggestion. If you ask us “What is the best bed for me”, the only person in the conversation capable of answering that question is you. We are not doctors, we have no medical training. We have no way of knowing what will work best for your needs.

No, we do not. Part of how those programs work is: in order to get the refund, you have to return the mattress. If you think your bed was heavy when you received it, try moving it after you drain it. The shipping costs would be insanely high to return a waterbed. That said, with over 1,000,000 beds sold in the last 30+ years, we can only recall 2-3 instances where someone actually wanted to try to file a comfort return claim. It is a testament to the product. Yes, we know there are retailers that have a way to offer a comfort return. If you buy from those retailers, your comfort guarantee is subject to their terms and conditions. We cannot and will not intervene in their policies. If we are contacted and asked for help, our normal warranty process applies, which does not cover comfort related issues. Our warranty can be found here.

This is by far the most common question we receive. Honestly, the easiest way for us to know what you have is to take a good clear photo of the large plastic tag around your fill valve (both sides) and email it to with a write up of the problem you are having. We can help you over the phone, but sometimes, it is quicker to just send us a photo. We are pretty quick at answering e-mail questions during the week.

On all of the beds we make, including waterbeds, there is a white fabric tag that sticks out of a seam in the boarder panel of the bed. This is at the center of the head of the bed. All the way at the loose end of the tag is a barcode, just below that, at the very edge of the tag will be a part number that starts with FR or SFR. What follows is your model number (Example: FR8400-247EK). If you have the information in hand when you call, it will help us, to help you much quicker. It will also appear on any packing list or invoice you receive from us.

When we receive your order, we determine whether to ship your order via Post office,FedEx or UPS for smaller orders, or freight carrier for larger items. For anything that ships freight, we send your information to a broker that gives us shipping options based on your location, and what you ordered. We do not know until they send us options which carrier we will be using. Once your order leaves our factory, we post a tracking number, and a link to that carriers website. Most of the time the link will go straight to your current tracking information. Sometimes it will only get you to the home page. Some carriers do not allow us to send you a direct link. In any case, they will provide you the most current information on your shipment. In some situations, they will hand off your shipment to a “final mile” carrier for final delivery. This is not always reflected in the information they give us, or show on their website. The best thing to do if you have questions on the delivery is to call the carrier. They will know more than we will about what happens next. By the time you see that your order is in your city, or a nearby city, the carriers are supposed to call you to arrange a delivery window. These are estimated delivery windows. We have no control over this part of the process. The driver will bring your order to the curb outside of your home, and lower it from the truck for you. They are not able to bring it inside, unless you made prior arrangements with us. They are not trained or able to set it up for you, nor will they haul away your old bed. This is delivery service only.

Depends. We do have an order entry system here. If you ordered by phone, we more than likely CANNOT access your previous order. Despite having the latest system available from our provider, it is mainly designed for use in Business to Business sales, not business to consumer. It is virtually unsearchable if you do not have a business account with us. On the other hand, if you ordered online, that system is separate from our internal ordering system. That is searchable, and if you believe you ordered from us online, we are more than happy to look up your order, and send you a copy. We can also help you reset your password, or, if you checked out as a guest, and don’t have an online account, if we can find your order, we can send you an invite to create an account to help you keep track of your receipt. Why is the receipt important? If you ever need warranty help, we need a copy of your receipt to prove you are the original owner.

First and foremost, you are not required to sign for a damaged shipment. Sometimes the driver will tell you, you are required to sign. This is not actually the case. By signing the form, you are indicating that your shipment arrived undamaged. You have the right to fully inspect your shipment before you sign. You also have the right to note damage on the paperwork before you sign. If you see a tear on the box, but nothing else appears to be damage, note that the boxes were damaged, and sign the paperwork. If it looks like the boxes were dragged behind the truck, or run over, you can outright refuse the shipment. In either case, take photos of the box condition, and e-mail, or give us a call at 888-281-2817 during normal business hours. Let us know as much detail as you can, and whether you signed for the shipment or made notes on the paperwork. How you handle the shipment impacts how fast we can get replacements sent out to you. If your shipment is damaged, we have to file a damage claim with the freight carrier. If you signed the paperwork with no notes, they will refuse the claim every time, which will prohibit us from sending out replacements. By adding notes, or refusing the shipment, we have a much better chance of getting replacement parts shipped out to you quickly, and having the freight carrier pay for the shipping since they caused the damage. When in doubt, call us first.

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