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Softside Waterbeds

Go ahead, get comfortable.

Create your softside waterbed...just how you like it. We'll guide you through each step, and let you know things to consider so that you can make the right decision for you. Choose your comfort, your lumbar support and everything in between. It's here, by popular request. Enjoy!

Sterling Softside Waterbed Builder: Build Your Own Softside Waterbed

Bed Builder

Create your own softside waterbed, just how you like it. Customizable comfort for both sleeper? No problem! Shopping for a luxury waterbed just got a whole lot easier!
Sterling softside waterbed bladders (water mattress)

Softside Waterbed Bladders

Our waterbed bladders (also known as water "chambers" or "water mattresses") are known for durability and premium comfort. Deep fill, mid fill or shallow fill bladders available.
Zip-on Mattress Tops, Washable Covers and More

Zip-on Mattress Tops, Washable Covers and More

Extend the life of your softside waterbed mattress. Zip on a whole new comfort level with our plush tops, pillow tops and euro tops.
Safety Liners and Accessories

Safety Liners and Accessories

Fill and Drain kits, waterbed safety liners, waterbed repair kits and more. If we don't have it, we can point you in the right direction!
Waterbed Heaters

Waterbed Heaters

We provide the safest and most effective waterbed heaters on the market, from Backer Heating Technologies.
Sterling Bed Foundation and Frames

Foundations & Frames

We provide foundations in 4", 8" and 9" heights, and metal frames suitable for the heaviest of waterbeds.

Customizable comfort. Eco-sensible. Upgradeable. Cleanable. Unbeatable.

With zip-on plush tops, pillow tops and euro tops, you can extend the life of your Sterling softside waterbed mattress with replaceable bedding elements, and customize your comfort. Simply unzip and replace, or upgrade at any time! Extend the life of your softside waterbed and save money.

Use our Softside Waterbed Builder to create the waterbed you'll love. Choose the mattress top, the waterbed bladder, and all the rest. Start to finish: from Sterling's zip-on mattress tops to the foundation and metal bed frame. Everything you need to sleep well, delivered straight to you!

Need a softside water mattress (waterbed bladder, or "chamber")? . We have a selection of deep fill, mid fill and shallow fill waterbed bladders, with a variety of comfort and lumbar support options. And with Sterling's proprietary Endura III PVC, you can rest assured that our water mattresses will last.

Safety liners, fill and drain kits, repair kits and more. If we don't have what you need, we can point you in the right direction.

Try a Waterbed for a Great Night's Sleep

Waterbeds are known to reduce pressure points for a better night's sleep. A waterbed mattress conforms better to the widest range of body sizes and types compared to other mattresses because support is adjusted by changing the water fill level. Hydraulic support does not change with use or over time, so comfort for the sleeper remains constant for the life of the bed.

Sleep studies show that reducing pressure points or "capillary occlusion" reduces the need to toss and turn and so significantly contributes to a more restful night of sleep. Waterbeds are so good at reducing pressure points and improving circulation that for the last 30 years, doctors have successfully used them as part of the treatment for burn patients and other bedridden patients who are prone to problems with decubitus ulcers.

Eco-sensible design is a core principle of any Sterling mattress. For our softside waterbeds, we provide zip-on plush tops, pillow tops and euro tops, which allow them to be replaced over time. Renew the comfort of your waterbed and extend the life of your mattress 2 to 3 times.

Your Guide to the Great Flexibility of your Mattress

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