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Hardside Waterbeds

Hand crafted waterbeds. Over 1,000,000 made, and counting.

Sterling is honored to offer the most durable and long lasting hardside waterbeds in the industry.  Allow yourself to experience the utmost in relaxation while reducing stress and tension.  We are proud to be a US manufacturer creating quality hardside waterbeds (also known as wood framed waterbeds). 


Sterling Waterbed accessories

Hardside Waterbed Covers and Safety Liners

Pillow top for your hardside waterbed? We've got it. Quilted covers, "tight tops" (plush top) or pillow tops to make your sleep superlative.
Sterling Waterbed Mattresses

Hardside Waterbed Mattresses

Waterbed bladder, water chamber, water mattress...whatever you call it, we have it. In various fill depths, we have dependable hardside waterbed bladders.
Sterling Hardside Waterbed Accessories

Hardside Waterbed Accessories

All you need to take care of your hardside waterbed, from Fill and Drain Kits, to water conditioner and waterbed heaters.

Your Guide to the Great Flexibility of your Mattress

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