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SUMMER IS HERE!!! Beat the heat with a temperature adjustable waterbed or a new cooling pillowtop!
SUMMER IS HERE!!! Beat the heat with a temperature adjustable waterbed or a new cooling pillowtop!


Fitted Waterbed Safety Liner, Shallow Fill (3.25")

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Original price $126.75
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Waterbed Safety Liner for 3.25" fill depth tube beds - Ensuring the Longevity of Your Waterbed

Introducing the Fitted Waterbed Safety Liner, especially designed for Shallow Fill (3.25') or tube style waterbeds. This safety liner meticulously wraps over the foam side rails, ensuring full coverage, but more importantly, providing much-needed protection. Our liner aids in maintaining the structure of your foam rails, exponentially prolonging the life of your waterbed.

The safety liner is indeed an accessory, but it bears essential significance. It not only maintains the shape and structure of your waterbed but also adds to the overall durability. The use of the liner allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, so your waterbed stays in top shape for a much longer period.

If you own a tube style waterbed that measures Shallow Fill (3.25'), this safety liner is a necessity. The purpose of providing such specific fit is to ensure optimal performance. Whether it's about managing the water level, preventing leakages, or striking the right balance of pressure on all sides, this waterbed safety liner tackles it all.

In conclusion, investing in our Fitted Waterbed Safety Liner is not just a choice, but a smart one. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your waterbed is fully protected. Purchase today and let your waterbed enjoy a longer lifespan and provide you with durable, high-quality comfort.


The fitted safety liner is designed as an extra safeguard against unlikely leakage of your waterbed.  It's important to get the placement of the safety liner correct.  If you have any questions, see our article below.

8mil vinyl. 

Suitable for: shallow fill waterbeds (3.25") tube beds

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