Comfort Layers
comfort layers
What makes our premium foam overlays worth the extra cost? Quality and comfort options for both sleepers.
  • With Sterling foam overlays you will get Premium quality high density foam that lasts. Just compare the weight of our overlays to others to understand. The difference in weight reflects the use of more of the right materials.
  • Our K and Q overlays are divided into two piece sets, with each side of the bed ordered separately.
    • Offering K & Q split sets gives each sleeper the independent choice of a plush or firm foam overlay for their side of the bed. No compromises.
    • Safety First. Each individual piece of foam is enclosed in its own Fire Retardant knit sock, not a cotton sock. Triple the cost of cotton but 10 times as safe.
    • Our foam overlays cost more because they are only made with the highest quality foam.
We offer 2” and 3” thick foam overlays ranging from very soft 3lb Cool Gel, Cool Gel Memory foam, Soft Original style 5lb Memory Foam, Firm and Extra firm natural latex, Firm SpringTex and XX firm Soy foam. Check foam type and size for availability.

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