Sterling is Celebrating 30 Years in business!

Sterling Mattresses

We design every mattress to be eco-sensible, luxuriously comfortable and cleanable.

  • Eco-sensible design principles.

    Our mattress designs reduce the amount of waste and increase the longevity of the mattress. It is our core design principle. Save money while reducing the number of mattresses heading to landfills!

  • Superlative, luxurious comfort.

    Of course! Pillow tops, plush tops and euro tops that are second to none.  Sterling takes comfort serioiusly, so you don't have to. Replace them over time for "like new" comfort.

  • Designed with health and hygiene in mind.

    Our mattresses provide proper support and promote healthy restorative sleep. The zip-on mattress tops are treated to be antibacterial and antimicrobial, and easily cleanable.

  • Award winning.

    Sterling Sleep System’s Imperial Plush Top 625 Wins IIAD/HD Product Design Competition Award for the Case Goods and Freestanding Furniture/Individual Furnishings Items category.  Entries were judged on innovation, technical advancements, cost effectiveness, environmental responsibility, aesthetics, hospitality industry needs, performance, comfort, safety, and durability. 

  • Rest assured.

    If you're not fully satisfied with the comfort of your delivered mattress, we'll do what we can to replace the comfort layers and make it a great comfort experience.  Sweet dreams! 

  • Free Shipping.

    Free shipping in the continental US (excluding AK) on new mattresses.  What are you waiting for?  Shop for a mattress.

  • Direct to You Savings.

    Without the mattress store in the middle, you save by purchasing a Sterling mattress direct from the factory. Save up to 54% (based on the average retail cost of a queen sized mattress).