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Softside Waterbed Bladders

We offer a variety of softside waterbed bladders for your needs.

We're proud to offer the ER600 and ER400 Softside Waterbed Bladders, with a 5 year full (and lifetime prorated) warranty and tethered corner wave control system.  Are you needing a deep fill waterbed bladder that specializes in lumbar support? Consider our ER600 or ER400, or the ER9256.  Need a twin or full size waterbed bladder? We have the ER9254 (deep fill), or the 6621 (mid fill).  

For a limited time, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE: Sterling Waterbed Conditioner.  Keep your waterbed bladder in top condition!

Our PVC: Sterling's Endura III.

When manufacturing waterbeds, material quality governs product excellence. No matter how skilled the fabricator, a waterbed can be no better than the material it is made from. Endura III is formulated with the finest resins and plasticizers available for the application. We engineered Endura III to be the best piece of material possible, specially formulated to resist cold cracks.

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    If you're not fully satisfied with the comfort of your delivered mattress, we'll do what we can to replace the comfort layers and make it a great comfort experience.  Sweet dreams! 

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    Without the mattress store in the middle, you save by purchasing a Sterling mattress direct from the factory. Save up to 54% (based on the average retail cost of a queen sized mattress).